How to obtain a driving license in India?

The Government of India has made it essential for citizens to obtain a driver’s license before legally operating a two- or four-wheel vehicle within the country’s borders. Motor instruction is essential if you have never driven a motorized vehicle before. Start the process by enrolling in a driving school.

Get a Learner’s Licence

There are various local providers and even branded operators, such as the Maruti Suzuki Driving School, who may assist you with driving instruction. Following that, motor training schools assist you in applying for a learner’s licence, which is provided to anyone who meets the qualifying conditions and wants to improve their driving skills. Before being granted a permanent licence, you must pass your driving test within one month after receiving your learner’s licence.

So, what is an Indian Driving Licence?

The Government of India’s official document authorizes anyone to operate or drive a motorized vehicle on any public road without supervision. The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) has the authority to issue the licence. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, an individual is not permitted to operate a motorcycle or car on any public road unless they have a valid driver’s licence.

Know More about the Types of Driving Licences in India

The eligibility conditions for a permanent driving licence online apply differ depending on the type of vehicle. As a result, you should apply for the proper sort of license based on the vehicle you plan to drive. Here’s a list. –

Motorcycles have an engine capacity of 50 cc or less.

Motorcycles with gear, Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs), including automobiles

Light Motor Vehicle for Non-Transportation


Eligibility/Requirements to obtain a driving licence

Meeting the given eligibility conditions determines the vehicle’s class and the type of driving licence.

Before applying for a license for a gearless two-wheeler with a capacity of up to 50 cc, the applicant must be at least 16 years old and have the approval of his parents or guardians if he is under the age of 18.

To apply for a license to operate motorbikes or a lightweight four-wheeler for non-commercial purposes, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. In addition to the foregoing, the candidate must submit the following.

An age-proof document that can be demonstrated by a birth certificate, PAN card, passport, class 10th mark sheet, or transfer certificate.from any school with your date of birth printed on it

A permanent address can be established by giving copies of either the passport, Aadhaar card, self-owned housing agreement, power bill issued in the applicant’s name, LIC bond, voter ID card, or ration card.

Current address verification can be provided in the form of a rental agreement and an electricity bill or a rental agreement and an LPG bill.

Additional requirements for the application must be met, such as: –

A properly filled-out application form

6 passport-sized pictures for the learner’s license.

One passport-sized photograph for the permanent driver’s licence

Application Fee

A medical certificate issued by a recognized government doctor. This is necessary for applicants above the age of 40.


Applying for a Driving Licence

In India, you can apply for a driver’s licence online using the driving licence online website. An offline application is also available to do so; simply send all the necessary papers to the nearest RTO.

This will be followed by reserving time to take the driving license exam at the RTO. To take the examination, complete the process by paying the required cost.


The procedure of testing for a driving licence in India

During your test, an officer will be there to extensively assess your driving ability. This may be followed by a licence test in which you will be asked questions about traffic laws and regulations. Following this, the RTO will declare if you passed your four-wheeler driving test.

Remember that your driver’s licence is also a legitimate identity proof recognized by the Government of India. The presence of this document certifies that you are qualified and authorized to drive any place in India.


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