How to unblock school restrictions on ipad, how to turn on phone location from computer

How to unblock school restrictions on ipad, how to turn on phone location from computer


How to unblock school restrictions on ipad


How to unblock school restrictions on ipad





























How to unblock school restrictions on ipad

It is not compatible with the screen capture function. You cannot use the Whatsapp spy tool to set restrictions on the target device.

You cannot share the targeted device without the permission of the targeted user.

As we have mentioned before, the Whatsapp app is not supported on iOS Devices which run on iOS 7, how to unblock school restrictions on ipad. The app is not available for iPhones and iPhones running on the older iOS 8.x.

We strongly request you to remove this spyware app from your device from now onwards, how on restrictions unblock to school ipad.

Update on 23/05/2016

It has been reported that WhatsApp’s latest version (8.15) introduced a new setting under which the spyware app becomes disabled.

But if the old version of the Whatsapp app is used, it will re-activate the spyware app after a few seconds, how to turn on restrictions. This bug happens by chance and if we discover any affected users then, in most cases, the issue is solved.

How to turn on phone location from computer

Now you can turn your phone into a real cell phone tracker device and track location by phone numberor wifi signals.


Before using GPS-Tracker on the Moto X smartphone:

Disable Bluetooth on the phone and restart it.

If you still experience problems, please follow the above suggestions for troubleshooting, how to turn on phone location from computer.

GPS-Tracker doesn’t work on the Moto X

Please make sure to enable GPS on your phone, disable Bluetooth and restart your phone.

GPS-Tracker does not work properly on your phone

Disable GPS on your phone and restart it. Then enable GPS on the Moto X via Moto X Settings->General->About phone:

Note that GPS will still be off if you enable GPS on a Moto X at the same time your phone is enabled to use GPS-Tracker on Android version 4, how to turn restrictions off on iphone.4 KitKat, how to turn restrictions off on iphone.

GPS-Tracker doesn’t work on a Moto X smartphone

If you can’t make the GPS in your Moto X work with GPS-Tracker, please try the following steps for Moto X smartphones:

Turn off Wi-Fi on your Moto X smartphone. Enable Bluetooth on your Moto X smartphone, how from on to location phone turn computer. Ensure location is shown on Moto X settings->About phone. Restart your device. Restart your Moto X smartphone again (by doing this, it will start working), how to turn this phone off.

If the above step won’t work, please update your wifi router to a stronger connection to avoid this issue.


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